Welcome to our new authentic Native American assembled sterling silver jewelry page!

We have recently acquired several pieces of authentic jewelry pieces which have been in storage for many years. It is taking some time to get it all cleaned up for showing; but I will put it on the web as we get it finished. Silver and gold are hard to photograph, so some of the pieces don't look all that good. Rest assurred that this is all first class product. If you have further questions, feel free to drop us an e-mail here: click For expanded view, description; and secure order cart, simply click the pictures. Thank you for taking the time to view these items.


1hembracelet.jpg (1019299 bytes)

2fancyhembrac.jpg (1074470 bytes)

Hematite bracelets with barrell clasps

2plainhembrace.jpg (1040130 bytes)

hembracdrop.jpg (1043137 bytes)


lapis-neck.jpg (1329181 bytes)

Lapis necklace

bluebirdneck.jpg (1332136 bytes)

Blue bird fetish necklace

glassbracelet.jpg (1093688 bytes)

metallic glass bead bracelet.

lapis-neckdrop.jpg (924141 bytes)

Double lapis necklace with double drop

whitebirdneck.jpg (961757 bytes)

white bird fetish with double drop

garnetneck.jpg (1156721 bytes)

garnet necklace

17singleturq.jpg (1152990 bytes)

17 inch turquoise necklace

19singleturq.jpg (775821 bytes)

19 inch turquoise necklace

20singleturq.jpg (863977 bytes)

20 inch turquoise necklace

doubleturq.jpg (1182571 bytes)

21 inch double drop turquoise necklace

whitebirdbracneck.jpg (901665 bytes)white bird fetish double necklace and bracelet

lgturq-heishi.jpg (347552 bytes)

large 25 inch hishi and turquoise necklace

whtshell-heishi.jpg (248272 bytes)

white dove shells and hishi necklace

turq-heishineck.jpg (1660209 bytes)

turquoise and hishi neclace

roseneck-brac.jpg (1161437 bytes)rose quartz bird fetish double necklace and bracelet

hemneck-brac.jpg (971999 bytes)

hematite bracelet with double-drop necklace