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We have acquired some dynamite pieces of Native American assembled Kingman turquoise jewelry. There aren't too many selections; but what we have is really nice stuff! It is sterling and turquoise for the most part; and difficult to photograph. If you want to see other pictures, I will re-shoot them closer for you by request. Rest assurred that this is very high quality merchandise. For expanded view, descriptions and secure order cart, simply click the photo of the item you are interested in. The numbers berlow the pieces denote the number of pieces in stock. Thank you for taking the time to view these products! Questions? e-mail me here: click Be sure to include the item number in the subject line.


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These next items are not Kingman turquoise. They are imported; but of very good quality. Some items are dyed howlite and they will be noted.


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click on the photos for descriptions, expanded views and secure order cart

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